Posting guidelines

All the employers on this website are involved in efforts to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere . That means they are focusing on at least one of six ways of supporting CDR:

Removal - The project involves some removal of atmospheric CO2  e.g. Direct Air Capture plants.

Storage - The project involves some long-term sequestration of CO2 without any other productive benefit in mind e.g. geologic sequestration services that store CO2 forms in underground geologic formations.

Utilisation - Project involves the sequestration of CO2 which has some other productive co-benefit e.g carbon cured concrete or biochar. If a company only seeks to utilise CO2 in a way that releases CO2 back into the atmosphere in the short-term e.g. airplane fuel, it is not contributing to atmospheric removal and is therefore not included.

Infrastructure - Projects developing products and services centred on benefitting CDR industry participants. These are second-order functions necessary for the organisations participating in Removal, Storage and Utilisation activities e.g a removals-orientated carbon credit marketplaces.

Funding - Capital providers accelerating the industry e.g venture capital firms. This also includes some offset purchasers. While net-zero targets mean all businesses will eventually need to purchase credits that are removals based, only a select few like Shopify 1 & Stripe 2 are leading the way in intentionally providing capital for frontier removal solutions at higher-cost for the sake of the industry as a whole.

Policy & Community - Projects contributing to developing the CDR space holistically including sharing best practices, improving the regulatory environment and educating new enthusiasts e.g CDR-focused research units. 

If an employer listed on our site does not obviously fit the criteria of one the definitions laid out above, we have tried to include a short explanation of why it is included. 

Confused about the boundaries between carbon dioxide removal, capture and utilisation? Read this fantastic short article by Na'im Merchant.