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Our mission is catalysing the growth of the carbon removal industry through talent.

Removing billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere won’t happen overnight. In fact, by some estimates, that will mean creating an industry by 2050 around the size of the entire petrochemical industry today1 . In other words, the fastest scale up of any industry every in the history of humanity.

We need a lot of help.

At the same time, carbon removal is largely underappreciated as an absolutely crucial part of our fight against climate. We’re here to make it a little easier for climate-conscious folks to find a job in this rapidly growing industry. Metallurgy Scientist or Marketing Savant, there’s a job for you.

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Carbon Removal Jobs doesn't earn any revenue from its activities. This site was hacked together by people who recognised the need for more talent in this industry. The database is maintained by a small team with the help of the Airminers community.

How you can help:

Built for the CDR industry to scale

Find jobs that align to your STEM skillset. Building synthetic forests, compressing millenia-scale weathering processes and measuring millions of acres of soil carbon content are ambitious, technological tasks. Around 50% of our roles mention the desire for a (STEM) degree. If you have a background in science or engineering, use the Expertise Tag to find carbon removal careers that align to your skillset.

All stakeholders welcome. CarbonRemovalJobs already hosts one of the largest indexes of organisations contributing to the carbon removal space. Our ambition is to fully map the CDR space as it grows.
- Investors discover businesses
- Founders compare solutions
- Offset purchasers locate projects

Who's behind Carbon Removal Jobs

Carbon Removal Jobs was created by Adam Feldman (Linkedin | Twitter) in  his spare time outside of working as a management consultant. Hello!

Like many of his peers, Adam is passionate about fighting climate change. After discovering the importance of carbon removal in early 2022, Adam completed the Airminers Boot-Up course and considered ways he could contribute to growing the industry while working for job-search startup, Otta.

Having previously built a non-profit enterprise in civictech and gaining exposure to the recruitment sector through Otta, it made sense to build a community-focused tool catalysing talent into the industry.

What's next for Carbon Removal Jobs

Right now, we're focusing on getting the product right for hiring managers and candidates. If you are a quality candidate interested in carbon tech, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a job.

That means improving our UI for job-searchers, expanding the number of listings & employers on the site and delivering an accessible newsletter packed with the latest jobs & most important updates from the industry. Share your feedback (plus ideally have a quick call with our team!)

Ultimately, Carbon Removal Jobs will be a community-run site, featuring publicly sourced listings, community events and forums for new entrants to ask questions. We understand that switching careers to a nascent industry can also often carry a lot of risks. Carbon Removal Jobs can help to mitigate those risks with information.

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