Find a job cooling the Earth.

Carbon Removal Jobs curates the roles where you can help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Suck CO2 out the atmosphere?!

Yep, that's a thing. And we have to do a lot of it.

Electric cars, renewable energy and reducing our meat intake all help us to reduce our emissions. However, to meet formidable 1.5° C or 2° C targets, basically all scientists1 agree that we urgently also need to remove massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees, through photosynthesis are a vital part of the equation, but even gargantuan reforestation efforts aren’t solely up to the task2.

Fortunately, a nascent industry is devising all kinds of visionary technologies from synthetic forests to compressing millenia-scale weathering processes to help. Join the thousands of talented individuals swapping careers to join the fight.

Important Notice

(12/23) As many of you will know, this website has been a volunteer-run and not for profit effort. Unfortunately it has proved difficult to manually stay on top of all the incredible opportunities in the space.

For that reason, Carbon Removal Jobs will no longer be updated with new roles. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes you as a job-seeker or employer. To go some way to repair that, we've shared some resources below...

1) Hiring Organisations:
To aid your search, we've compiled a list of 150 reputable companies that have processed jobs on Carbon Removal Jobs over the last 18 months. The list is available in the embedded Airtable below, sorted by default on the number of roles we processed from each organisation.

2) Sites for Job-Seekers: Climatebase, Work On Climate, ClimateU, DAC Coalition, AirMiners

A big thank you to anyone that contributed to the site through volunteering, helpful feedback, and role submissions! I'm proud of the 1000s of applications sent as a result of this site. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can lend a hand in any way.