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The Climate Foundation is a non-profit NGO dedicated to educating and empowering people to balance carbon on land and sea on a global basis. We have developed several sustainable approaches to balancing carbon in the environment. Once society adopts sustainable practices and substantially reduces carbon emissions in our lifetimes, we believe it is still possible to reverse the man-made factors leading to climate disruption.

We are working to moderate and reverse the effects of climate change in critical ecosystems, including; 

Developing agricultural use of biochar to sequester gigatons of carbon for millennia.

Incorporating biochar as sanitation, fertilizer substrate and carbon sequestration in lean regions.

Balancing carbon in the oceans by restoring natural processes at work for eons to reduce carbon in surface waters. 

Reversing coral bleaching on high-value coral reefs to preserve portions of these ecosystems during the high-temperature decades to come. 

Encouraging and facilitating the adoption of renewable energy for electricity and transportation in place of fossil fuels throughout the world, including:

displacing diesel power with renewable energy generation in remote locales

reducing noise issues associated with residential wind turbines

enabling energy storage technologies to store renewable energy for dispatch during peak hours.

Climate Foundation

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